Hello sweetie

I’m always weird about writing these things, I never know what to say. It’s like that awkward blind date moment when you realize the guy got there before you, WAY before you, plus you forgot what he said he was wearing, and you have to creep on every guy sitting alone in the room asking, “Are you so and so?” It’s weird, just take my word for it.

So yah, I’m just a lady, with a lot on her mind, and a lot to say. To be honest previous blogs have been duds for me, too busy, too unfocused, too something or other. Then I learned that goals help, so I made some of those  haha. My focus here is to encourage other believers, to challenge them to grow in their faith, and to provide a place for them to connect. This is a community, not just my random musings.

I hope you enjoy my occasional humor, and my excessive thoughts, and a lot of scripture; because above all, I love Jesus and he influences everything I do.

Have a blessed day,
Love Bean.

image is the property of Josephine Rozman and is used with permission

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